STORA RULLINGEN – The Viking Island

Stora Rullingen provides a private and secluded getaway set in a fantastic environment. The villa, hunting lodge and stables are located on the main island and surrounded by a very large lawn. Here you can land your private prop airplane, play soccer, do some riding or enjoy unstructured golfing.

A large quay, with evening sun 100 metres from the villa is the private, protected bay, and a 50 metres quay that provides plenty of space for your own, and your friends’, boats. This is the place to begin great fishing trips in your own private fishing waters, take a boat ride out on Lake MŠlaren over 1000 islands or the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.

Stora Rullingen is also unique due to its central location. The capital of Sweden is about an hour away by boat or car, and from there you have swift access to the Stockholm archipelago.

Strangnas airport lies only 30 km from the island, with three international airports within a 60-90 km radius. Six cities are less than an hour away by car, and five of them can easily be reached by boat. You can get to the mainland by boat in only two minutes. If you want to visit central Strangnas the boat ride will take about 10 minutes.


Swedish Hill Fort

On the north-western part of Stora Rullingen there is a historical stronghold that was used by, among others, Sweden’s Vikings about a thousand years ago. The hill fort is part of the property and consists of a dramatic hilly region with 30 metres high rocks in gneiss and Stockholm granite, which rise straight up out of the lake.

Hill forts were built at easily defended heights, with abrupt precipices and would be sought out by the area’s inhabitants in times of unease. They would often bring their animals, foot and other items of value. The Swedish National Heritage Office has dated the hill fort to the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages. This means that the place has been used as a hill fort for no less than 3,800 years.

It is possible that the Vikings defended themselves here against enemies attracted to the area by the wealthy Viking settlement of Birka, which lies approximately 15 nautical miles from Stora Rullingen. Birka was used by merchants from all over Europe and parts of Asia, where they traded valuable wares. Birka was founded in the 750s and was the Swedish Viking’s wealthiest trading town on their home soil. Birka also lays claim to being Sweden’s first city.

The Vikings lasted from around the 790s to 1100 AD. The hill fort at Stora Rullingen [literally translated as ‘Big Rolling’] is said to have gained its name from the blocks of stone that the Vikings left ready up on the cliffs to be rolled down towards attackers. Several of these blocks of stone can still be seen today. No archaeological digs have been undertaken at Stora Rullingen in modern times. The formal name for the hill fort is Överselö 202:1.


In a protected site set against the backdrop of beautiful forest, you will find Stora Rullingen’s exclusive, newly-built villa. The house measures approximately 230 square metres. It is made using sturdy timber taken from the island’s own trees – taking us back to former Scandinavian construction traditions.

Inside, you are met by a light and airy layout where wood, ceramic, stone and glass have combined to form an attractive unity. The living room is spacious and fits seamlessly with the kitchen area’s many practical and stylish solutions. Between the dining room and the living room is a wood-burning fireplace – whilst the balcony outside features superb barbecuing facilities. Plenty of bedrooms and opportunities to relax.

A little further in, in the next building section, lie 2-4 comfortable bedrooms, as well as two sleeping lofts. The bedrooms are completed with en suite, fully tiled bathrooms. The terrace holds a South facing Jacuzzi and a large swimming pool, where the bedrock dramatically rises from the bottom of the pool up its sides.

Beautiful details include the elegant stone finish around the fireplaces, the wood details made from trunks up to 80 cm in diameter, a glass staircase, an environmentally friendly and energy effective heat pump, as well as under floor heating in all rooms.

A short walk from the villa and stables leads you to the Stora Rullingen’s hunting lodge. There, you will find a large living area with fine views, a kitchen, sleeping recess, shower and toilet. A door from the living area takes you out onto a spacious, covered terrace facing east, towards the morning sun.

The hunting lodge has its own wine cellar with walls made from stone slabs used in the island’s previous buildings. It can easily accommodate 10 people and is perfectly suited for both wine storage, wine tasting and important meetings. The benches, tables and flooring are made of solid oak.

Stora Rullingen’s hunting lodge was built in 2009, using timber from trees grown on the island. The total built area, including the wine cellar and terrace, is 85 square metres. The hunting lodge is comfortable all year round and makes a perfect guesthouse.


Stora Rullingen’s dock is west facing, meaning the quay gets sunlight up to around 11 pm in June. It provides plenty of space for docking large boats, with a sailboat depth of 3-4 metres and 350 square metres of wood decking.

There is a small, open garage for smaller vehicles at the back of the quay. A small gravel path leads from the quay to the villa, hunting lodge and stables, which are all about 100 metres up the island, situated slightly higher up. The dock is well provisioned with electrical sockets.

The property also has a small, newly built ferry. It blends in well with the environment, with its outer layer of wood and glass, which matches the buildings. The cabin accommodates 12. The cargo capacity is 10 tons. The ferry is simple to steer and can be operated by anyone (no specific licence is needed).

The bay even features a floating plate and cement lay-by for the island’s small ferry. The bay – like all of Stora Rullingen’s engineering projects – is designed to be easily accessible to wheelchairs and individuals with other mobility disabilities.

The property’s stables and machine shop measure approximately 30 × 10 metres. The building contains an office and a small staff quarter that can be used year round, as well as three modern and spacious stalls, a saddling room and feed room. The machine room provides plenty of space for storing all of the facility’s mechanical equipment.

The facade of the stables and machine shop is in thick sawn lumber and matches both villa and hunting lodge. The house is well insulated and is heated with a heat pump.

The property has a historical 11th century Viking stronghold, and a dramatic landscape with approximately 30 metres high rocks rising out of the lake. Stora Rullingen is a nesting ground for White-tailed Sea Eagles, Ospreys and Brown Harrier Eagles. The island boasts a variety of wildlife, such as deer, hares and beavers. Even elks can be seen on occasion.


Going to Stora Rullingen by boat is just one of the ways get here. An extensive, well-planned lawn – big enough to allow propeller planes to land, surrounds the villa. There are several good places to land a helicopters; on the quay, outside the stable, by the hunting lodge, or directly in front of the villa.

The calm waters surrounding the island are perfect for planes equipped to land on water and a hydroplane can be kept at the quay.

Stora Rullingen is a large property where the many different types of landscapes combined with the calm surroundings give great opportunities to go hunting, fishing, engage in various riding games, rock climbing and boating. Not to mention golf practice – there are six tee-off areas.

If you like to go running, there is a wood chips covered jogging path that runs right around the lawn, measuring around 1.5 kilometres. The island’s deciduous forest has nice walking trails and, is largely untouched and contains many trees that are up to 200 years old. Here you can see Nightingales, Ortolan Buntings and Icterine Warblers. In 2010, White-tailed Sea Eagles, Ospreys, Herons, Eurasian Curlews, Great Bitterns and Brown Harrier Eagles all nested on the property’s grounds.

Climb the hill fort of vikings and stone age man. Some of the forest trails takes you up to the top of the ancient hill fort. Here you have a splendid view – a place used by man for protection as far back as 3800 years.

Stora Rullingen is the perfect island for horse owners. It provides around 25,000 square metres of lawns, fine pastureland and pleasant riding paths along both natural terrain and man-made paths. You comfortably ride up to Stora Rullingen’s higher regions, where you can enjoy panoramic views over the lake and nearby islands.

The island’s total coastline stretches for approximately 5 km. The total land surface belonging to the property is approximately 330,000 square metres.